Saturday, 2 December 2017

People, planet and peace over profit!

Information från Jill Stein och Green Party i USA:

46 Greens elected in 2017
46 Greens won elected office in 2017, out of 171 on the ballot, a win rate of over 25%. All of these candidates deserve congratulations and thanks for their hard work to win power for the people.
I wanted to mention a few inspiring results from Greens around the country:
  • In Olympia, Washington, community organizer Renata Rollins was elected to City Council and science professor EJ Zita was re-elected to Port Commission, defeating an opponent funded by frackers and big business.
  • In Minneapolis, Green City Council member Cam Gordon was reelected and LaTrisha Vetaw was elected to the Park Board in a citywide election using Ranked Choice Voting.
  • In Connecticut, Mirna Martinez won reelection to the New London School Board, while 7 of 9 Green-endorsed candidates won local office in Waterford.
  • In Colorado, anti-fracking advocate Merrily Mazza was reelected to Lafayette City Council.
  • In Humboldt County, California, 4 out of 4 Green candidates in school board races won.
  • In New Jersey, Greens Erika Jacho and Jessica Clayton both won school board races.
  • In Pennsylvania, 4 Greens won election to local office.
  • In New York City, Jabari Brisport earned 29% of the vote for City Council, while Devin Branch took 33.5% of the vote for Mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio; both impressive results for young Green Party newcomers taking on established Democratic Party incumbents.
Whether they won or not, every single one of these candidates helped to build the only national party for people, planet and peace over profit. Another reason why we urgently need as many candidates as possible to step up to run Green in 2018.

Save Ranked Choice Voting in Maine!
Meanwhile in Maine, Election Day was the first day of gathering signatures for the campaign to defend Ranked Choice Voting.

After Mainers voted for a referendum to enact Ranked Choice Voting statewide in 2016, the political establishment passed a law to sabotage this urgent reform to our broken voting system. Now the people of Maine are gathering signatures for a “People’s Veto” to make the politicians respect the will of the people.

Maine’s 2016 vote for Ranked Choice Voting is a beacon of hope for all Americans who want a fair voting system where people feel free to vote their values, not their fears. It’s absolutely critical that we support the grassroots activists who are defending this win for real democracy.
Even if you don’t live in Maine, please go to to see the many  ways you can help support the campaign to defend Ranked Choice Voting! If you're registered to vote in Maine, you can collect signatures. For everyone else, there are many other ways you can help!

Two State Legislators Go Green!
In September, Maine State Rep. Ralph Chapman enrolled with the Green Party after leaving the Democratic Party earlier in the year. He told the media he was sick of the establishment parties’  loyalty to corporate funders and indifference to the people, and felt he belonged in the Green Party after he learned Greens don’t accept corporate contributions.

Then in November, Henry John Bear, Tribal Member of the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians in the Maine House of Representatives, joined the Greens and announced his campaign for US House of Representatives in Maine’s Second Congressional District. On registering Green, Bear said, “I have found that our issues are very similar, especially on the issues of the environment and civil rights and economic equity. I believe in health care for everyone who can’t afford it and I believe in ensuring that one person's hard day’s work results in a living wage, enough for a house and a car payment, and food for her family.”

As people across the country reach a breaking point with corrupt corporate politics, let’s inspire more and more of them to find a home in the party that stands for their values. It’s exciting to see our hard work start to pay off!
With your help, we can keep building power for the people, and an America - and a world - that works for all of us.

It’s in our hands,
Jill Stein