Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Jill Stein ger sig inte...

Så har då Jill Steins och Green Partys kamp för ett rättvist valsystem i USA, och rätten till kontroll av röstresultat, lett till en CNN-intervju, finns här.

Klimatfrågan kom också upp. "I'd like to see Al Gore, for that matter, step up to what we really require, which is 100 percent renewable energy, clean renewable energy by 2030," Stein said in an interview Monday. The Hill skriver: "Gore, who previously warned that a President Trump would lead to a climate catastrophe described his meeting with the presidentas "sincere" and "productive" -He also met with Ivanka Trump, and said in an MSNBC interview Monday night that she appears to be committed to the climate.